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Simple experiment concerning environmental radioactivity with AtomTag - registration beta decays from K-40.

AtomTag at the top right register normal background radiation. White powder is the potassium sulphate, chemical reactive from the bottle at left, nothing special. It may be chemical fertilizer with potassium salt.



 As soon as we put AtomTag over potassium sulphate, we see ionizing radiation:


This experiment is success due to 90% of K-40 nuclei emitting beta particle, high effectivity of Geiger counter to beta particle (~100% versus ~1% for gamma quanta), thickness and material of used Geiger counter (SBM-20) and plastic case of device. Concatenation of circumstances. Any human consists ~250g of potassium with 0.012% K-40 abundance. But we have a simple way to check Geiger counter based device!

Just after experiment: