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Atom Spectra is a kind of soundcard-based MultiChannel Analyzer software. Nearest analogues for PC are PRA (Pulse Recorder and Analyzer) and Theremino. For iOS GeigerBot is only choice.

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PC version

Android version


The main advantage of PC-version in comparison with aforementioned analogues is in-situ Least Squares Fitting (LSF). Just select fitting area when spectrum is accumulated and see spectrum line parameters. Of course, you can also make LSF later. Fitting is performed with simple model of sum the gaussian and linear function. 

The main advantage of Android software is the absence of any other DPP/MCA-software for Android at present time.

Atom Spectra realizes original Digital Pulse Processing algorithm, burned in discussion with Nick Dolezal, Geiger Bot author and Maxim from Troitsk, AtomSpectra 3 hardware designer and supplier. Great thanks him!


Atom Spectra for PC (Sony Vaio SVP132A1CV, AtomSpectra 3 hardware, mic input, Cs-137):



 Atom Spectra for Android (Xperia Z, AtomSpectra 3 hardware, Cs-137):